Thoughts on Being ‘Extra Large’

Weight has always been a complicated facet of my life. Three years ago, I lost nearly 100 pounds and felt great about myself. Now having gained back 40 of those pounds, I feel that I’ve gained some vital perspective within the newfound inches around my waist. During my period of significant weight loss from 2013-2015, I was excited, to say the least, about being able to buy and fit into newer and smaller clothing. Now in the second half of 2017, some of those clothes barely fit me anymore. There was a time where I thought these clothes would be the wardrobe which lasted a lifetime, but life doesn’t often happen as planned.

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Thoughts on Anxiety & Depression

This is what I often look like in the throes of seasonal depression. Needless to say, It’s not pretty. Often times, my demeanor is that of someone who just pulled a double and then ran a marathon while trying to take care of seven kids. Over the past couple of years, I have become more aware of how this affects me, as well as being aware of what I can do to make it bearable. While I understand that millions of people deal with this, I felt that it was important to share my thoughts and experiences as well. Join me as I take the plunge into the cold abyss of emotionless wintertime. Who knows, you might just learn a thing or two.

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A Penny For My Thoughts: Vol. 1

While Christmas, and most of the holiday season for that matter has passed us already, I wanted to touch upon a subject which I think is important. What’s the subject, you say? The answer to that question, is altruism. For many, the holiday season is about giving, but are we really giving to people in need when we gift someone an Xbox one or a new pair of pants? In certain situations it could be argued that these are necessities, but more often than not, we are giving gifts to people who don’t need them. Let me just quickly say, that I don’t want anyone to think that I’m against giving presents to people, and that by giving a gift to someone you care about is inherently bad. Bear with me for a minute, and hopefully this will all make sense to you by the end of the article.

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Thoughts on Norway & Being New to Travelling


Over fall break from school, my girlfriend and I decided to travel to the land of fjords and Freia, otherwise known as the kingdom of Norway. Up until this point, my feet had never set foot anywhere in Europe or anywhere across the Atlantic ocean. In the months prior to our departure of our transoceanic voyage, we made basic preparations such as booking AirBnB’s, brainstorming rudimentary lists of places we wanted to visit based off of google searches as well as compiling a list of foods we wanted to try. Looking back on our trip, I had no idea just how unprepared I was. Filled with youthful ambition and an adventurous spirit, we embarked on our journey. If you don’t mind, I’d like to share some of the experiences and life lessons that I acquired from this journey.

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Thoughts on Wet Shaving & Self Care

You might be sitting there asking yourself “Why on earth is Greg writing an article about something as mundane as shaving”? To a certain extent, I’ve asked myself that same exact question a few times as well, but bear with me. As an adolescent who started developing a scant mustache and a stubbly neck beard, shaving became a regular part of my life (and I’m assuming most of you who have gone through puberty could say the same as well). For a long time, I viewed shaving as a somewhat annoying task which was menial and had to be done, much like showering or taking out the trash. That is of course, until I discovered wet shaving.

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Thoughts on Charles Bradley

For the longest time, I’ve never understood why people get upset when musicians or notable figures die. Many of these people have never once met the celebrity they claim had such a huge impact on their lives. This feeling evaded me for most of my life, until I learned about the passing of Charles Bradley the other day, which made me cry.

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Thoughts on College & The Bumpy Road of Success

If I could go back in time and drill one thing into the head of my 20-year old self, it would be knowing that success is not a linear path. There is an overarching societal expectation that you’ll graduate high school at 18, college at 22, and then either further your education directly thereafter or dive right into a well-paying full-time job. With this expectation as your guideline, anything which happens to deviate or deter you off of this path can seem like your one-way ticket to a life sentence of menial labor and destitution. For some people, life doesn’t throw them many curveballs. They rarely, if ever, deviate from the linear path of success. At this point in my life, I have not been one of the lucky few who never experience such tribulation.

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