Thoughts on ADHD & Inattentiveness

For as long as I can remember, my mother has lovingly called me ‘tappy’. This, of course, refers to my knack for constantly tapping my feet ad nauseam, driving those around me to the brink of madness. Any time that sitting for an extended period of time has been required, I start tapping along with my feet to whatever song ends up wedged in my head. For the longest time, I took this to mean that I just loved music a lot (which I do), but it turns out that it wasn’t entirely the case. The inside of my mind has always sort of seemed scattered like a Jackson Pollock painting, with thoughts racing around like electrons around a nucleus. It is through this spontaneity that this blog was born, so that the thoughts inside of my head could be shared with others, so that I could know and be known.

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